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The "Little Deer" (Hertje) of master Forger Han van Meegeren

The most famous work of master forger Han van Meegeren is not fake: "het Hertje".
Master Forger Han van Meegeren was known as a pretty good artist. At that time he was an art teacher for freules in The Hague. One of the models he used, was the playing deer of Princess Juliana. It was brought into his studio  by a lackey of the Noordeinde Palace. The freules, most of whom had little talent, found the animal too lively to draw. They challenged Han to sign it in ten minutes, with the famous "Hertje" as a result.
Van Meegeren thought it was a good successful drawing.
When he went to a publisher to have it printed, he did not get any support, until the Publisher heard that it was the playing deer of Juliana. It was printed in large numbers and it graced many living rooms.
Biologically, it is actually not a deer, but a hind. But yes the deer of Juliana sounds much better.